welcome to black crow miniatures

Black Crow Miniatures is a new brand of scale figures, created and designed by and for painters, sculptors and collectors from all around the planet.


We paint and sculpt figures just for fun, without limiting ourselves to a given trend in the miniature world. Our style could be called fantastic realism or realistic fantasy. It is as tough a task to depict, design, sculpt and find the references for a dwarf with a claymore as it is to do it for an Scotsman from the Douglas clan. Is the difference among a cleric and a Templar such a big one?

Our logo, a Native American from the Black Crow tribe and an actual black crow, represent these two sides of the miniature world. Some figures will have more of the fantasy touch and some others will be more historically accurate, but all of them will be based on unique concepts developed by us for our brand.

We are specially interested in fantasy illustration and the design of the characters. We have entrusted these tasks to big stature illustrators such as Guillermo González, or widely known miniature sculptors like Pedro Fernández, Raul Garcia Latorre, Lucas Pina, Edgar Ramos or Romain Van Den Bogaert. These artists use their talent and adapt their skills to the general style of our brand. We also try and give the highest quality final product, with special care to the resin copies or the packaging itself.

The scale of our figures is relatively big for the miniature world, so we can add more detail when we are sculpting or painting. This bigger scale does not imply that our kits will be harder to paint. These can be simple in their design, number of pieces or assembly, or as complex as it is necessary to accurately embody our concepts. For all these reasons, we hope you to share with us this long flight that began in 2014.